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How Birchbox Refreshed Its Performance Management Process

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Lattice customer Boosted

Lattice has significantly improved how our company operates by providing our managers and employees a centralized location to keep track of their check-ins, feedback, and performance reviews.

Sarah Hashemyan - Lattice Sarah Hashemyan HR Manager
Not only does this reduce a lot of stress for both employees and managers, but it also saves them lots of time, and provides them with clarity around their performance.”

Lattice has been an important tool in keeping our team focused on company values and how we exemplify those day-to-day.

The Slack integration has been awesome for sharing recognition amongst the team. We love that feedback aggregates over time so that we can avoid recency bias during our review periods. The team loves the ability to share and receive feedback in real time.”

Danielle Poonoosamy - Lattice Miranda Levée People & Culture Manager
Lattice customer Birchbox
Lattice customer Birchbox

As an engineering company, Cruise loves the reliability, intuitive interface, and ease of use that Lattice offers. Everything that used to be a headache or unnecessary step with other performance management platforms is seamless with Lattice.“

Danielle Poonoosamy - Lattice McKeanna Moreau Associate Director, People Operations
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Lattice customer Glossier

Lattice has completely automated and streamlined our process, reducing the time spent per-review by hours. We care about creating a strong feedback culture at Glossier and Lattice has made that a reality.”

Lynley Flanagan - Lattice Lynley Flanagan Senior People Operations Manager

Lattice has become an integral part of GOALS for Autism. It allows us to strengthen our focus on front line health care staff engagement and performance. The 30-day review enables collaboration early in the on boarding process and ensures that employees are engaged and remaining aligned with the company culture.

The feedback feature is an easy way to provide immediate encouragement to any member of the team, keeping everyone motivated and reinforced.”
Adryon Ketcham - Lattice Adryon Ketcham CEO
Lattice customer Birchbox
Lattice customer Boosted

Within our remote team at Museum Hack, communication and transparency are high priorities! I love the ability to stream public check-ins and goals into our #lattice-central Slack channel! Instead of one-one-one information being kept at manager to employee level or within a department, we're now effortlessly able to share

public team member check-in's within the larger company. Almost instantly team members began commenting on one another's check-ins and providing suggestions on where they can offer further support. Lattice has been a great tool to help us a build an awesome company culture and drive results.”

Tasia Duske - Lattice Tasia Duske Chief of Staff
Lattice customer Birchbox

"Lattice is central to the way our company now operates. We’ve always known that goals are critical, but they’ve been tough to implement because they tend to wither away in spreadsheets and email. Lattice has completely changed that.“

Danielle Poonoosamy - Lattice Bill Clerico CEO @WePay
Lattice customer Boosted

Lattice has been an integral part in helping Slice to focus on OKRs and standardized check-ins company wide as we continue to grow! We're also using Lattice to conduct our first ever formal performance evaluation, and the

process could not be simpler! Having all of the information about an employee's goals, progress throughout the year and performance in one place has been a time-saver and paper-saver! “

Tasia Duske - Lattice Sarah Monaco People Manager

Lattice has been instrumental in helping us implement OKRs and develop a goal-oriented culture at Signifyd.

The Lattice team has been incredibly supportive and responsive throughout the process and is consistently introducing new features and changes to the product that make it even more useful.”
Danielle Poonoosamy - Lattice Emily Mikailli Head of HR
Lattice customer Signifyd
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Ready to get started?

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