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Real-Time Feedback

Build a feedback culture - no more waiting for the annual performance review

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Forward-thinking companies trust Lattice

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Share feedback from Gmail & Outlook

Lattice makes sharing feedback easy for employees by integrating with your email provider. Employees can share feedback right in the moment, and provide important context.

Get feedback from your peers

Peer feedback provides employees with a clear process to help each other improve how they get work done, both individually and together. The modern workplace is dependent on relationships between employees -- not only how they work together, but also how their individual work and projects complement each other. Peer reviews provide a safe space for colleagues to give each other constructive criticism and praise.

Feedback integrated with Reviews

The review context panel allows employees to see a collection of historical feedback, so reviewers can anchor their review feedback with what’s happened over the past cycle. This helps reduce recent bias, and provides important context for the performance review cycle.